Hi everyone. Steven Beasley here. This is what they call a BIO page. I'm supposed to bore you to tears with my life story, emphasize any high points in my musical career thus far, and lead you to believe I'm bound for stardom. I think I'll skip all that stuff. If you have a burning desire to know more about me personally, email me at the addy given elsewhere on this site.

Since I don't want to appear impersonal, I'll mention a couple of things about myself. I'm the published author of the first full length biography of 30s/40s big band leader Kay Kyser, and produced and compiled a CD of live Kyser airchecks a couple of years ago. I love the music, film, architecture, and style of the 30s/40s, but none of that is evident on this CD. I have a wife and two kids, own and operate a nice little studio in the San Fernando Valley where I often produce other artists. On this CD I played all instruments, sang all vocals, and engineered the whole mess. Somewhere around here there's a lyric page I think is worth visiting, and I included some info behind some of the songs.

If we haven't met before, perhaps we will in the near future. Again, thanks for tuning in. Best, Steven

Steven Beasley plays with Andrew Gold
Steven plays with Andrew Gold, 2006

The Revolvers: Steven Beasley, Jack Saunders, Vince Bell, Jerry Chambers
The Revolvers, Houston, circa 1982: Jerry Chambers, Steven Beasley,
Jack Saunders, Vince Bell

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